A guide to Organic SEO understanding and its practices
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What is Organic SEO? What are its benefits?

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an online marketing strategy made up of smaller sub-strategies like methods such as boosting keywords, backlinking, and writing high-quality content that can all improve a site’s page rank. Using organic SEO strategies helps a website in growing, expanding, and adapting over time in accordance with the reader’s requirements. 

What is Organic Search in SEO?

With organic SEO (as opposed to pay-per-click ads), people will easily find your website on search engines while they are looking for a product or a service you provide, making it more likely that they will convert from visitors to customers. When you rank high on the front page of a search engine, you are showing potential consumers the legitimacy of your products or services because of your high ranking.

Though implementing an organic SEO campaign doesn’t guarantee that your business will become a household name; results don’t happen overnight- organic SEO takes time, patience, and consistency. It can and will ensure that your website ranks highly in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), which can get you more site traffic and will lead to more sales. Organic SEO can be achieved by-

  • Optimizing the web page with relevant content
  • Spreading link pointing to the content
  • Using meta tags and other tag attributes.

What are Some Best Organic SEO Practices?

Organic SEO deals with the search results which are not influenced by paid advertising. They are ranked according to their search terms and through keywords which can be valuable for increasing the more traffic towards the site. There are some strategies which will help in improving the best practices of search results. Organic SEO includes many techniques that will work together in the formation and improving the website. Strategies which are the part of organic SEO include:-

Creation of internal links:

It is important that some of your website pages contain the links of other pages of the website so that it will help in search options that will directly index your website.

Make content attractive:

It is better for the business that visual contents are added to the website that includes images and. This will attract visitors and encourage them to spend more time choosing and exploring the products and services. This is the best area where SEO benefits are explicitly visible.

Implementing organic SEO in site navigation:

It is important for the experts that they can easily use SEO to put easy options in site navigation which will help them to get brief information about their product and services. It will help you in providing up to date information quickly and without delay.

Addition of image:

Images can be added with alt tags which are concerned with adding descriptive text to the website images so that Google can easily link with the website along with its content.

These are some of the main strategies followed by the experts of 7 Seas Solutions for building the website properly to gain more revenue from organic SEO search results.

A Step-by-step Guide to Implement Organic SEO

If you want your website to rank highly in SERPs, it is crucial that you implement organic SEO properly. Using an organic SEO strategy is beneficial for a website in a number of ways. Here is a detailed list of some strategies that will help you to implement organic SEO-

Keyword Research:

Research those keywords that will target your website to appear at the top of SERPs when people search keywords and phrases related to your business.

Content Creation:

Create various different forms of content to target valuable keywords for your organic SEO. Put unique and informative content that will help the visitors in getting the keywords of the search engine campaign.

Create an Internal Linking Profile:

Ensure that your site pages include links to other pages on your site so that search bots can appropriately crawl and index your site.

Maintaining an Easy to Use and Aesthetically-pleasing Site:

Simplify your site’s navigation so that visitors can find information quickly and efficiently, ensuring your buttons and forms load properly. Also, make sure your website’s design should be pleasing enough to attract customers as a boring and dull design will never appeal and attract customers.

Link Building:

It is important for the experts that they should link their website pages to other pages so search bots can easily crawl along with the indexing part.

Addition of Multi-media:

Experts should add images along with videos to websites which will further help in attracting the visitors so that they will encourage them to spend more time and money on websites. Try to add descriptions to the images that will help users in understanding the image of their website content.

Optimizing Page Load Time:

Make sure that your website pages don’t take longer than two or three seconds to load, preventing people from leaving or bouncing from your website to another website.

How can Organic SEO Benefit You?

Organic SEO is considered the best option for online strategy in the marketing field which is composed of different small strategies. It includes keyword research along with link building that will help you in ranking the website on top in organic search results which are unpaid in nature. This type of marketing is important as users will depend upon search engines for their target options. 

It is important for users to choose organic SEO for online marketing. We all know that Google plays an important role in search options which is quite beneficial in delivering important information to the users when they search for any product or a service. Following are the benefits of organic SEO:


It results in a high rate of return as compared with any other form of investment in online marketing.


The implementation of organic SEO can give you long term results. You will get the long term positions of your websites along with getting a good ranking in the top search results.


This SEO strategy is beneficial in driving more traffic to your website which results in more revenue. Slowly but steadily, organic SEO redirects users to your website, thus promoting your products and services.

Brand Awareness and Sales:

Organic SEO helps in building brand awareness which indirectly results in an increase in sales and revenue for the concerned business. It also helps in making your website more accessible, thus giving a global exposure to  your business. 

Organic SEO is implemented by the experts properly so that they will bring more revenue for the concern by adding succinct and informative content about their products and services. 


What is organic search in SEO?

Organic search is one of the methods for entering one or more search strings related to text into a search engine. Organic search results list will be shown as paginated,  based on search terms. It doesn’t cover advertisements. Organic search in SEO will help in generating more clicks. It will also provide stable results.

How to improve SEO organically?

It is important to create quality content as that plays an important role in attracting an audience. Put unique and informative content so that visitors can know about your product and business. You can also use attractive images that will garner visitors’ attention. You should try to improve your formatting which can result in more traffic.

What is the role of keywords in organic SEO?

Keywords play an important role in attracting free traffic through organic SEO. They match with the keywords of Pay per click marketing which is also one of the famous strategies in paid marketing. The experts try to insert those keywords that can easily be visible in search results. 

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