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Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is essential for any business. You have to establish your brand’s voice in the marketplace, to get your name out there where customers and clients are and ensure that your brand is associated with positive values. The best way to do that is to engage with a content writing company in India to craft content and distribute it on blogs, social platforms, websites, and press releases.

Leads to Nurturing

With content development being a priority, at every step of the business process, your leads are being educated about how and why your product is so important. Like when we nurture a plant, then only it shows results in the form of flowers, or fruits. Similarly, nurturing good content helps you to guide leads through sales and constantly educating each and every employee about its benefits.

Customer Retention

If a customer is sufficiently pleased with the content writing  services you offer, encourage him/her to start following your blog on social media or any other platform. Content writing services include regular updates ensuring that you are visible to your customers and regularly reminding them of the value you offer. This will help in repeating business from ongoing customers.

Increases Value

Specialized content development services can show your audience that you know what you are talking about, that you have mastery over your field, and also that you are prepared to share your ideas and thoughts with the customers in a way that benefits them. A content writing agency offers information to customers who are looking for specific contents and it will ultimately help to gain customers.


Customer Service

Content writing and development can also be a form of customer service, educating customers in the form of FAQs, product demos and answering whys and how can make the entire customer experience very richer and more satisfactory. Answering questions to customers will help you to gain their trust and loyalty towards you and you can get repeat business and retain your customers.



We are helping brands to create a lasting impression and leave a digital footprint in today’s marketplace.


We have helped industries across all verticals to improve their performance and ROI through digital marketing.

A Content Writing Agency Giving a Voice to Your Business

Portraying a Picture of the Company
It is rightly said that content development is the voice of business. Content writing services speak a lot about products and services offered by the business. The experts working in a content writing agency are well-trained and experienced in nature as they know how to take the best care of their needs and wants. They develop the content in simple and informative ways which will give a clear picture of the company product and services.

Customized Solutions
The strategy is to develop content in the best possible way to generate more profit. The experts use content writing tools to come up with a unique sample and then take suggestions from the clients if anything extra needs to be covered. After that, the experts of a content writing agency should develop the content by considering the three main points that are trustworthiness, unexpectedness, and action-oriented.

Role of Kyword Research in the Content
The experts offering website content writing and other allied services should go for keyword research and select the best ones which can relate to the products and services of the client they are working for. Keywords research plays an important part in SEO content writing as it helps in placing your site on top of search results. After keywords research tries to insert some title or tag line which can attract the visitors in a single view.

Incorporate Changes as Per Requirements
Take feedback from the customers through a call to action phrases so that you come to know of the demands of the clients and develop the product according to the needs and requirements. Use standard techniques in brand creation so that it can really affect the company in generating the sales of the concern. This content development process should be simple, useful, and informative so that it can easily catch the audience.

Why Outsource Content Writing Services to 7 Seas Solutions?

  • High-Quality Services– Outsourcing graphic designing services in Pune to professionals having knowledge and expertise will get you superior quality results and provide superior quality output. The basic need of any business is final output and outsourcing graphic design will give you high-quality results.
  • Fit for All Budget- Outsourcing companies based in India are comparatively affordable as compared to other countries. Also, the services are available on the basis of the budget requirement of your business; you do not have to invest in infrastructure and equipment for the same and thus can save a lot of money.
  • Fast Turnaround Time– As the specialists are designing the task, it will give you the desired results within a shorter time frame and can also work with bulk volumes without compromising on the quality of work. Since they are professionals, they know when and where to use their skills without causing any errors.


How does the professional content writing process work?

Content can be of different types like articles, blogs, web page content, scripts for videos and podcasts, social media content, press releases, and more. The professional content writing process has some typical features or steps to be followed – framing a catchy headline, doing extensive research on the topic or keyword, writing in a unique way to capture and retain readers’ attention, optimizing the digital content, and editing as per requirement.

What tools are used for checking the authenticity of the content?

Content writing refers to the process of researching, planning, writing, and editing website content that is primarily meant for digital marketing purposes. There are various tools that are used to check the authenticity of the content, such as grammar checking tools, plagiarism checking tools, word counter, SEO Audit, backlink checker, and many more. Here are some examples – Copyscape, Small SEO Tools, Buzz Sumo, Moz Pro, Ahrefs, Semrush, etc.

What is the approach taken to a content development project?

There are different approaches and strategies that are followed in a content development project. The process starts with defining the goals, then conducting research of relevant topics and related keywords and brainstorming content ideas, determining the type of content to be created, creating the content, and finally publishing and managing the content. Each step of the entire process is handled by specific teams.

Are content update/rewriting services also offered?

Yes, we do provide content updating and rewriting services to our clients. Updating the content is very important to increase website visibility in search engine results. Updating content means adding new and fresh information to the content, providing the website visitors with something new to learn. Also, rewriting content adds a freshness to the content structure and the way of the presentation without changing the main information or the gist.

How much importance is laid to SEO tactics while developing the content?

Creating SEO-friendly content increases brand awareness, website traffic, media visibility, generates leads and conversions, and provides a competitive advantage. The SEO strategies applied for content creation – target market research, keyword research, creating easy-to-read and plagiarism-free content, and updating content. Maximum importance is laid on the SEO tactics to develop informative content.

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